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#CallOut Conic Hill

21st April 2014

Three boys, aged 14, 12 and 10 from three different families, went missing on Conic hill around about 7 pm. They were planning on catching their fathers, who had set off a little earlier on their walk. Unfortunately, the youngsters failed to meet up with their parents, who hadarrived back at the car park to learn that their sons were still on the hill. After returning to look for them, but having no success, the parents deciding to contact  the Police.

Police Scotland officers attended the car park, at Balmaha, and the Team leader was contacted - the Call Out text sent at 21.44.

While Lomond team members were making their way to the scene, the Police helicopter had been tasked to search the hillside. Fortunately, with the weather being cool and fine, the helicopter quickly found the youngsters, with its thermal camera, on the bealach just to the west of the summit.

Police officers escorted the boys back down the hill to their grateful families.

Team stand-down text was sent at 22.11. 22 team members attended or were enroute. 

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