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#CallOuts Campsie Glen & Ben Lomond Area

10th July 2014

#CallOut Campsie Glen 10th July 2014


The Team were contacted by ARCC (Air Rescue Coordination Centre) to assist Navy 177 by extracting a male casualty from Campsie Glen. The casualty had fallen approximatly ten meters, from a rough path, onto rocks below by the river bed.

The #CallOut was issued at 19.45 and Team members, who lived nearest the area, were present in a matter of minutes. A straightforward recovery over rough ground, assisted by members of the Fire and Rescue Service and SAS, saw the casualty  loaded into the helicopter and flown to hospital within 30 minutes. The Standown was issued at 20.41


#CallOut 3rd July 2014


Police Scotland contacted the Team at 11.20 on the Sunday morning after receiving reports that a 21 year old Belgian woman had injured her ankle while walking the West Highland Way. While initial reports on her location were unclear, information received from other  walkers on the WHW, soon revealed where she was to be found. A Lomond MRT land Rover was dispatched to Rowchoish Bothy and the casualty, and her partner, were picked up and returned to Rowardennan. After her ankle was examined by Team medics, the casualty was sent to hospital for an X-ray. The #StandDown was sent at 12.40 with nine Team members in attendence.


#CallOut Ben Lomond 22nd June 2014


Soon after completing a days training on Ben Lomond the Team received notification that a 70 year old male fallen and sustained a head injury on the hill. The #CallOut was issued at 17.46 and personnel were dispatched from Rowardennan. With the nature of the casualty's injury the Sea King was flown in from RNAS Gannet and the gentleman was taken from the Ben Lomond for medical assessment. The StandDown was issued at 18.46



#CallOut Ben Lomond 21st June 2014


The Team were requested to assist a young woman who had slipped and injured her ankle on the main path ascending Ben Lomond. Information received fron other walkers indicated she was a few hundred meters up the track - before the open hillside. Team personnel were dispatched by Land Rover, and on foot, from Rowardennan and the 26 year old casualty was soon located. After being assessed, her ankle was splinted and she was returned by 4x4 to waiting relatives. The #StandDown was issued at 19.11 with nine rescuers in attendance.


#CallOut Balmaha 21st June 2014


While the rescue on Ben Lomond was drawing to a successful conclusion we were alerted to a further emergency in the area by Police Scotland. Two boys kayaking had not been seen by their father for over an hour and concern was rising over their well being. The alert was sent out at 19.02 and the Team regrouped at Balamaha pier to meet officers from Police Scotland. The Loch Lomond Rescue Boat and the Sea King from RNAS Gannet were mobilised as the wind and waves became stronger. The boys were swiftly located with the arrival of the helicopter and the crew of the Loch's recue boat quickly collected the two kayakers. With the boys safety confirmed the #StandDown was issued at 19.11 with nine in attendance.







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