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A Trio of Call Outs!

3rd August 2015


#CallOut 1 – Ben Venue - 21st July 2015

Police alerted the Team to a walker, in a party of three, who had sustained a lower leg injury near the summit of Ben Venue, in the Trossachs. A brief mobile phone conversation with the casualty provided a grid reference to his location and assured the search managers that the group was well equipped and had shelter until we arrived.

The Call Out was sent at 13.58, meeting at Leannach car park and taking hill teams as far as Glen Riabhach by 4x4. Ten LMRT personnel quickly reached the 23 year old male, administered first aid, packaged the casualty into a McInnes MkVII stretcher and evacuated as far as the Land Rovers at the Glen head. Rather than wait for an ambulance the walkers chose to make their own way to hospital for further assessment and treatment for a broken ankle.

Ten Lomond MRT members attended the casualty. The stand down was sent at 19.00.

#CallOut 2 – Carron Valley - 26th July 2015

Reports of a missing person in the Carron Valley area led to a full team call out at 20.43. A female walker had been attempting to locate standing stones in the forest and had become separated from her partner. After a search of the forest paths the missing person was found at 23.37 in dense forestry.

Eight personnel and one search dog attended the call out. The stand down was issued at 00.28.

#CallOut 3 – Balagan Spout, Campsies - 3rd August 2015

The Team alerted to the sighting of a red flare above Blanefield by a local team member at approximately 21.30. During this time, Police Control were contacted to see if they had received any further reports of a flare being seen on the Campsies. At this point the team was placed on standby.  

In conversation with another set of witnesses it was established that the most likely search zone was around the Balagan Spout area. With this information and following a discussion with the Chief Inspector in Edinburgh, a formal request was made for Lomond MRTs assistance.

The Team were called out at 22.49 to confirm that there were no casualties on the hill.  Twenty three team members attended and covered a large section of hillside around Balagan Spout without finding any casualty.

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