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New Safety Leaflet Launch

10th May 2016




Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams in conjunction with walking guidebook publisher Cicerone Press are pleased to announce the launch of a new safety leaflet aimed at reducing casualty numbers. 

In 2014 there were 533 separate incidents of which 273 were attributable to mountaineering activities and 280 to other activities, with 104 incidents due to non-specified causes.

In an attempt to reduce the numbers of incidents, particularly any avoidable incidents, Cicerone and Scottish Mountain Rescue are pleased to announce the new ’Stay Safe and enjoy the Mountains’ leaflet.  20,000 copies of the pocket-sized leaflets are being distributed, both in Scottish Mountaineer, the magazine for members of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, and also in the popular mountain areas and outdoor retailers across Scotland. The leaflet is also available as a downloadable pdf on Scottish Mountain Rescue, the Mountaineering Council of Scotland and Cicerone websites.

“The leaflet not only helps people make the right choices before going into the mountains,” said Andy Rockall, General Manager at Scottish Mountain Rescue, “but it also provides information on what to do in the event of an accident, making it a very helpful addition to anyone’s rucksack when they head into the mountains.”

Lesley Williams, from Cicerone, said: “As responsible guidebook publishers we are delighted to sponsor this information leaflet to help more people enjoy the mountains in a safe and responsible way, understanding the risks and taking the right precautions.”

In 2015 Cicerone sponsored a similar mountain safety leaflet specifically for the Lake District, and both the Lake District and Scottish Mountain Rescue are looking to continue the partnership with Cicerone in the future, with the aim of reducing casualty numbers through free and available mountain rescue information.


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