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Are you interested in applying for Team membership or would like to find out a little more? Find out just what we look for in potential candidates for probationary membership... 

Lomond MRT expects applicants, at the very least, to be very experienced hill walkers. They should be confident in both summer and full winter conditions - with a good number of years’ experience under their belts. Application forms should reflect this. Ask yourself, 'Am I happy in my own abilities, in poor weather, on steep terrain in the middle of a typical Scottish winter night.' If the answer is no, then you should probably reconsider. 


Qualifications in relevant skills are looked on very favourably e.g. outdoor and medical awards etc. You must hold a valid first aid certificate before being accepted for full membership. 


Preference is given to applicants who are established within, or in immediate proximity, to the call out area. For practical reasons (cost and time spent training) we are looking for individuals are settled in the region and demonstrate a long term commitment to Lomond MRT.


Lomond MRT Committee reviews all application forms received at monthly meetings, inviting suitable candidates to a selection day.  This will be an exercise on the hill with senior members of the team, and candidates will be judged on a variety of criteria.If accepted, individuals will be invited to begin their probationary training year in January. During this year their performance as a group member, their level of commitment and skills are continually assessed. 


For prospective trainees it is vital that the level of commitment to the Team is stressed at the outset and fully understood. The Team is a significant undertaking and it will eat into days that would normally be spent walking, climbing, or with family.




Over the period of a year the Team meets for over forty different events (training, fund raising and safety cover) this does not include rescues. In practice, it means that most weeks will involve some kind of Team related event, if awarded full team membership. In the first year the Team expects 80% attendance from probationary members. During this time trainees are not part of the call out list and will not take part in rescues.


At the end of their probationary period, the Committee will consider the suitability of the trainee and their performance through the year. If successful they will be invited to become a Full Team Member on the active call out list. 






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