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Winter Call Out Review

28th March 2016

A steady winter for the team with seven Call Outs since the beginning of the year.


28th March 2016 - Call Out - The Whangie


The Team were called to rescue a casualty who had suffered a lower leg injury on the muddy path ascending The Whangie. The call-out arrived at 16.13 and the team quickly recovered the walker down to the waiting SCAA air ambulance. The Stand Down was sent at 18.19.


12th March 2016 - Call Out - Ben Lomond


The Team were contcted via our website by the concerned partner of two missing men. The pair  had become disorientated in poor visibility while descending Ben Lomond. Team members ascended from Rowardennan and the North side of the mountain and located the walkers, and their dog, on the Moin Eich moor. Latitude and longitude reading from their smart phone meant they were found considerably quicker.  The Stand Down was sent at 18.15.


5th March 2016 - Call Out - Ben Lomond


The Team were tasked to recover a walker from the summit of Ben Lomond by police Scotland.


27th February 2016 - Call Out - Ben Lomond


Unwell casualty evacuated by Lomond MRT with the assistance of SAS Helimed from the plateau on Ben Lomond. Call out 16.40


8th February 2016 - Call Out - WHW


Call out to an injured walker on the West Highland Way at 19.28. Colleagues from the Loch Lomond Rescue Boat extracted the casualty and the Team were stood down at 20.18.


17th January 2016 - Standby - Ben Venue


Two overdue walkers were experiencing difficulties on Ben Venue. Team members were placed on stand by  - but the duo found their way off the hill.


10th January 2016 - Call Out - Ben Lomond


Two adults,  separated from their group high on the mountain, on their descent the pair made a navigational error. When they failed to return to the car park the alarm was raised. 

Lomond MRT was called out at 17.20. Search teams were quickly deployed from both sides of Ben Lomond, searching paths and the open hillside in worsening weather. Heavy rain and snow showers sweeping in from the West meant limited visibility and gave increasing concern. Wet snow pack, on the plateau, reached thigh depth nearer the summit path zig-zags. Bristows Rescue 951 attended in support - but weather conditions prevented deployment higher on the mountain. 

The two walkers were eventually met by Team members, very cold and wet, at Comer Farm on the North side on Ben Lomond at 21.42. Our thanks to all at Comer Farm for warming, feeding and drying out the walkers.










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