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Mountain Safety - Help Us To Help You!

23rd November 2016

Mountain Rescue Teams across the UK make use of the latest technology with the aim of pinpointing lost walkers. While they have the ability to locate smart phones with bespoke SARLOC software, this technology does rely on the availability of a data signal which, as we all know, can be unreliable in the hills and mountains of Scotland.


Therefore, in a call to all hillwalkers and mountaineers, we have decided to ask you to help us! If you own a smart phone we would like to ask you to consider installing the 'free' Ordnance Survey app OS LOCATE onto your Apple or Android phone. This simple app provides an accurate, easily readable UK Grid Reference that you can then provide to the emergency operator, should you ever have to call on the services of Mountain Rescue. Think of it as an additional tool to assist us in locating those who call for our assistance.


At the very least, it could mean the difference between a brief spell on the hill or a cold, long wait as search teams methodically sweep mountain and glen for you.


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For further information, please refer to:


Further hill safety advice, from Scottish Mountain Rescue, can be downloaded as a PDF leaflet here!   


*NOTE for navigation purposes, Lomond MRT primarily advocate the use of map and compass and, importantly, the ability to navigate with them effectively. 

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